What Is A Gold IRA?

I have been getting a lot of emails asking about Gold IRA accounts, what they are, and how they can help people save their retirements.  I will give all of my answers on this site…

First off, before I get into the details here, let me go over the basics of what a gold ira is.  A Gold IRA is simply a traditional Roth IRA, or 401k even, but it is self directed.  A Self directed IRA just means you can choose where you put your money, as long as it fits into the IRS regulations for self directed IRA accounts.  Most people diversify their precious metals portfolio with Gold Bullions, Gold Bars, Silver, and more.

The reason that gold ira accounts have gotten so popular is because traditional retirement advice is now obsolete.  What used to work and give people a standard return of 12% over 20-40 years now doesn’t, and back in 2008 people lost have of their retirements because of this.

With Gold however, this is not the case.  People can feel safe knowing their money is backed up by physical Gold, in a safehouse, so they can never, ever lose their money.

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